Application deadline: anytime from now till June 2024 (the selection will start in April and will continue until the suitable candidate is found)

Start date: negotiable (1st May -June 2024 - 2028)

Duration: 4 years

Location: Department of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Mineral resources Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, EU


We are looking for a motivated candidate interested in experimental work in exogenic geochemistry, alteration of geomaterials, behavior of inorganic contaminants in soils, and application of non-traditional isotopes in geochemistry. The candidate will be involved in the work of the Environmental Geochemistry Group ( of the Faculty of Science of the Charles University.

We offer:

  • work in an internationally recognized group working in the field in the Czech Republic and mining areas of Africa
  • work in top-equipped laboratories for the determination elemental and isotopic composition of traditional and non-traditional isotopes (Laboratories with spectrometers Mat 253, Delta advantage, ICP MS Neptune plus, ICP MS Thermo iCAP RQ)
  • possibility to work in the areas of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • possibility to participate at international conferences, collaborations
  • a competitive salary for the Czech Republic

We seek a candidate with:

  • motivation and enthusiasm for geochemistry with particular interest in isotope geochemistry
  • ability to get involved in teamwork
  • experience with similar issues i.e. behaviour of compounds in exogenous processes, experience with isotopic analysis of solids and solutions,
  • ability to propose and develop research topics, publish results in international prestigious journals.
  • a completed PhD in geology, geochemistry or related fields (or to be finished before starting the position)

The project:

This research project is aimed at studying the distribution and fluxes of inorganic pollutants in the Earth's surface spheres, with an emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches to understand their cycles and design processes that will lead to immobilization of pollution and reduce the risk of impact on biota. In contrast to previous individual research activities, the agenda of the project will primarily use innovative methodological approaches (e.g., the use of non-traditional isotope tools) that will lead to new findings in the areas under study. The plan is also to concentrate future research activities on the study of the distribution and flux of pollutants during natural processes being accelerated with the climate change and modern human lifestyles.


All questions and applications (1. CV, 2.list of publications, 3. half-page motivation letter, 4. contact details for two persons who can be asked for a reference) should be sent directly to email


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