A new research team has been formed pursuing a selection of problems related to the flow
of incompressible shear-thinning fluids in porous media and its relation to the pore size
distribution. The team's goals revolve around the emerging techniques that utilize simple
flow experiments with non-Newtonian fluids in determining the effective pore size
distribution of some natural materials relevant to engineering geology or hydrogeology.
The proposed PhD project will cover both the laboratory experiments and the related
mathematical modelling, with the particular focus being decided based on the applicant's
background and preference. The laboratory experiments will characterize the permeability
of selected granular materials with respect to varying shear-thinning fluids, with a special
attention paid to the sufficient control of the fluid's rheology. The mathematical modelling,
which is to be fostered in close relation to the experimental work, will be based on the
concepts recently adopted by Abou Najm and Atallah (the ANA model) within the capillary
bundle framework.

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