Czech Ca-Mg bentonite BCV is currently studied as a potential buffer material for the planned radioactive waste disposal. Despite extensive experimental investigation in recent years, the information about its hydro-mechanical properties of the bentonite is still limited. The aim of the proposed PhD project is to study evolution of bentonite properties due to thermal loading. It will include both direct measurement of bentonite properties under elevated temperature and also tests carried out at laboratory temperature on samples prepared from bentonite powder after long-term thermal treatment. Tests at elevated temperature up to 150°C will be focused on determination of the swelling properties under controlled suction. These tests will be carried out in new high temperature suction controlled oedometer. Long-term effect of thermal loading will be evaluated on samples prepared from bentonite powder which was exposed to high temperatures for up to 1 year. These tests will include determination of swelling properties and permeability in newly developed suction-controlled cells. Hydraulic behavior of thermally treated bentonite will be studied by determination of retention curves by vapor equilibrium method.

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