Project summary

Changing climate, forest disturbance and stream modifications are the most significant drivers of runoff regime alterations in mid-latitude mountain catchments. Rising variability of runoff response, prolonged periods of drought, and changes in seasonal runoff distribution emerge as the key symptoms. However, the observed changes are complex and have different scope and magnitude in different environments.

The goal of the Ph.D. research project is the attribution of the effects of climate change and the landscape alteration on runoff response in mid-latitude montane catchments with a focus on extreme events - peak flows and droughts. The research will be carried out at different spatial scales, ranging from the small experimental catchments, equipped with the own sensor network monitoring and requiring field monitoring, to the complex basins with long-term observations. The attribution of the drivers to the given aspects of hydrological change will be done mostly using geostatistical analysis and modeling.

The proposed Ph.D. research will require skills in hydrological analysis and/or modeling, interest in learning new approaches, the ability of teamwork as well as independent research. Motivated students from geographic, hydrologic, or geoscientific disciplines with scientific curiosity and relevant skills are encouraged to apply.

Selected publications of the research group

Langhammer, J., Bernsteinová, J., 2020. Which Aspects of Hydrological Regime in Mid-Latitude Montane Basins Are Affected by Climate Change?. Water, 12(8), 2279

Blahušiaková, A., Matoušková, M., Jenicek, M., Ledvinka, O., Kliment, Z., Podolinská, J., Snopková, Z., 2020. Snow and climate trends and their impact on seasonal runoff and hydrological drought types in selected mountain catchments in Central Europe. Hydrol. Sci. J. 65, 2083–2096.

Jenicek, M., Ledvinka, O., 2020. Importance of snowmelt contribution to seasonal runoff and summer low flows in Czechia. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 24, 3475–3491.

Su, Y., Langhammer, J., Jarsjo, J. (2017). Geochemical responses of forested catchments to bark beetle infestation: Evidence from high frequency in-stream electrical conductivity monitoring, Journal of Hydrology, 550, 635–649

Langhammer, J., Su, Y., Bernsteinová, J., 2015. Runoff Response to Climate Warming and Forest Disturbance in a Mid-Mountain Basin. Water 7, 3320–3342.

Current research projects of the group

2020-26 Prediction, Evaluation and Research for Understanding National sensitivity and impacts of drought and climate change for Czechia (PERUN). TAČR SS02030040.
(PI: R. Tolasz (CHMI), B. Janský).

2019-21 Spatial and temporal dynamics of hydrometeorological extremes in montane areas. Czech Science Foundation GAČR 19-05011S, 2019-21 (PI: J. Langhammer)

2019-21 UAS monitoring of river systems response to forest disturbance. EU COST Action CA16219, LTC 19024, 2019-21 (PI: J. Langhammer)

2018-20 Influence of seasonal snowpack on summer low flows: climate change implications on hydrological drought (PI: M. Jeníček)

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