Project summary

The shift in childbearing towards older ages has constituted one of the most significant demographic trends observed in Czechia since the 1990s. Therefore, increasing attention is being devoted to fertility intentions, family planning, the necessary conditions and, conversely, the barriers that change these plans.

The project aims to investigate reproductive plans and the realization thereof in the context of changing life trajectories and increasing differentiation of partner and professional life trajectories of young Czech women and men. To answer contemporary societal challenges related to population and family dynamics, to understand current demographic changes and to formulate adequate policies, the monitoring and thorough analyses based on high-quality and cross-nationally comparable longitudinal data is essential. The research will be based on the use of individual-level survey data (GGS panel data - Czech or internationally comparable datasets), which allow the use of multivariate methods, in particular regression and event history modelling.

The candidate should have skills in advanced demographic analytical methods, a good knowledge of statistics and experience in analysing sample survey data (or other anonymised individual data). Experience with international comparative analysis is welcome.

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