Plant soil interactions and plant soil feedback are crucial not only for interactions in real time but also in formation of long-term legacy. This legacy may result in nice construction, where new niches suitable for individual organisms are formed, modified or destroyed. Plants interact with soil biota and abiotic soil matrix and these soil modifications result in niche construction for plants and other soil biota, but their reflection in soil changes can be seen as part of soil formation. Soil formation is predetermined by abiotic drives including climate, soil forming substrate, topography and time. In natural ecosystem plants occurs in soil conditions that suits best for them and over time maintain or modify these conditions which may lead to soil formation and soil development but also to niche construction which may lead to replacement of plant and other biota communities, but also to stabilization of these communities for longer period of time. These interaction networks may be alternated by modification of plant community, e.g. by land use changes of plant invasion. The aim of the work is to analyze conceptualize and model positive or negative switches between above and below ground coupling at multiple time scales.

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