Project summary 

The main purpose of the grant proposal is development of synthetic approaches to a novel type of 3D aromatic compounds possessing elements of helical and planar chirality. The helicity will be based angular aromatic scaffold and planar chirality will be imposed by [2.2]paracyclophane units. The main aim will be to develop synthetic pathways to this class of compounds, to study their chemical and photophysical and chiroptical properties. It is presumed that a synthetic approach will be based on judicious use of chiral building blocks and application of the state of art techniques of organic synthesis allowing control the final assembly of building blocks into the final compound(s). In the next step chemico-physical properties of the prepared compounds will evaluated by using various experimental (absorption and emission, CPL, electrochemistry, X-ray diffraction analysis, etc.) and theoretical methods (DFT calculations, etc.). 

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