Project summary: 

A crossover reaction is typically associated with biological systems where two DNA molecules can swap pieces of their sequences. This enzyme-catalyzed biological crossover(recombination) is an essential part of sexual reproduction and one of the major drivers of the evolution of sexual organisms. In chemistry, there is a few reactions of certain functional groups that follow the same path of crossing over their substituents. Similar to biological systems, by applying selection pressure to small molecules with crossover points, molecules with the desired characteristics and optimal combination of substituents can be discovered. This approach can be used in the discovery of new protein ligands. We have recently developed a new crossover of sulfinamides. In particular, the advantageous chemical characteristics of sulfinamides provide a unique tool for discovering ligands with drug-like properties. The goal of the project is the application of sulfinamide crossover for the preparation of sophisticated libraries and their use in high-throughput assays for the discovery of ligands of medically relevant proteins.

The successful applicant will have a Master’s degree in Chemistry and will have an experience with synthesis and characterization of small molecules. Experience with protein manipulation is beneficial but not required. The applicant is expected to be fluent in English. The scholarship is adequate to cover all living costs in Prague.

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