Formins are a family of evolutionarily conserved actin and microtubule regulators. Members of the plant Class I formin clade typically contain a secretion signal and a transmembrane domain, and can thus mediate anchorage between the cortical cytoskeleton and the plasmalemma (and the cell wall), as well as communication between endomembranes and the cytoskeletal network. Therefore, these formins could act as central players in cytoskeletal and endomembrane rearrangements, including cell differentiation events occurring in the developing root. Recent observations (see relevant publications below) suggest possible Class I formin participation in vacuole biogenesis and in development and/or function of plasmodesmata. The candidate will engage in characterizing the role of selected root-expressed Class I formins and their newly discovered interactor(s) by examining effects of loss-of-function mutations, expression of modified proteins and/or overexpression of formin genes on Arabidopsis root development. Response of roots to specific environmental challenges (corresponding to treatments that elicited changes in the expression of our genes of interest in published studies) will be examined with the aim to uncover new root-specific formin functions. The project will include a variety of experimental techniques ranging from transgenic plant construction through physiological experimentation, morphometry, histology and anatomy to advanced microscopy methods.

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