Very little is known about the protein composition of protist's non-actin and non-tubulin cytoskeleton, i.e., the different types of intermediate and striated fibres. Yet, this knowledge could solve interesting problems. For example, homologize cytoskeletal structures across distant groups to answer the question of what the ancestral eukaryotic cell looked like or reveal the movement mechanism of the Euglena subsurface corset – the pellicle. The methodology has matured to approach these.

The project aims to prepare cytoskeletal fractions of selected species and analyse their compositions by proteomic means. At the same time, candidate proteins selected from genomic and proteomic data will be localised using specific antibodies and fluorescence expansion microscopy. This allows imaging of the cytoskeleton structures and protein localization with unprecedented resolution. Initial results show that intermediate fibre protein SF-assemblin associates with certain types of microtubular roots in Paratrimastix pyriformis. The structure and composition of Euglena pellicle is partially known from electron microscopy and proteomic analyses and it contains a number of uncharacterised structural or mobile proteins. The project aims to get to the bottom of the mechanism of pellicle movement using in situ labelling and localisation, knock-outs (Crispr-Cas9) and knock-downs (RNAi) of selected protein candidates.


Five relevant publications of the research group:

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