PhD position open for a motivated student in the field of Pollination biology. The position is part of a project on Plant-pollinator networks in mountain ecosystems. Namely, the project will compare the dynamics of the plant-pollinator networks between aseasonal tropical high mountains (equatorial Andes; data will be collected by the Czech-Ecuadorian research team) with plant-pollinator networks in seasonal temperate mountains (Rocky Mts. Colorado, USA; data will be collected by US colleagues). 


The PhD position and related research project are based in Prague. But the student is expected to collect field data on plant-pollinator interactions in high-elevation environment during an extended period of time (about 6-12 months) in Ecuador. 


Candidates are expected to:

  • have obtained Master degree (or equivalent) in botany, zoology/entomology, or ecology,
  • have solid statistical and data analytical skills,
  • be independent regarding (field) work organization,
  • communicate in English and Spanish.


Salary of approx. 1000 EUR/month offered for 3.5 years of the project duration, starting between July–October 2023.

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