Development of Tools for Comprehensive Interrogation of Methionine Sulfoxide as A Post-Translational Modification

Methionine sulfoxide as a redox post-translational modification of proteins affects a number of biological processes and its role is implicated in serious conditions such as cancer or neurodegenerative diseases. However, our understanding of this new modification is only rudimentary, as there are no effective tools to study this problem. The aim of this project is to develop such tools based on aptamers and chemical probes that would allow a detailed study of this modification. These tools will allow the accurate identification of methionine sulfoxide in proteins, the localization of methionine sulfoxide formation, and the effective identification of reductases that are able to reverse this modification. This information in the context of different phenotypes of model organisms will enable a more detailed insight into the molecular biology of this modification and thus into the nature of related diseases.

The main goal of this project is the development of chemical-biological tools for the study of methionine sulfoxide as a new post-translational modification. These tools will allow the scientific community involved in redox biological processes to assess the impact of this modification in context.

The successful applicant will have a PhD degree in Chemistry and will have experience with synthesis and characterization of small molecules. Experience with protein/DNA manipulation is beneficial but not required. The applicant is expected to be fluent in English.

Funding and project approval: 

  • co-founding 1000 EUR/month is ensured
  • project is approved by head of corresponding department

Co-founding resources:

Required application materials: 

  • Application Form, available from here.
  • Letter of Reference: written even by the supervisor in the PhD programme or by a researcher/head of establishment, where the applicant completed the doctoral study. Available from here.
  • Scientific CV + List of Publications: all together max. 2 pages A4.
  • Copy of University Diploma or Provisional certificate of completion of PhD studies or another official confirmation, that the applicant has been awarded PhD Degree.

How to submit application materials: 
Please send email with the required application materials to dr. Jiří Míšek:, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague. 

Application deadline:
The application deadline is July 23, 2021.

More information:
For more information please visit the webpage of the JUNIOR Fund project of the Charles University.

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