We are seeking a creative, motivated candidate to join one of the existing teams at the Department of Experimental Plant Biology and participate in their research in one of the following fields:

1) Cell biology with a focus on membrane trafficking, the cytoskeleton and cell polarity, especially during normal root development or in plant-microbe interactions (e.g., Synek et al., PNAS 118:e2105287118, 2021; Martinek et al., Nature Plants 9(11):1874-1889, 2023, team Žárský/Cvrčková or team Schwarzerová).

2) Genetic and physiological basis of root system development, including relevant signalling pathways (see, e.g., Serre et al., Nat Plants 7:1229, 2021, Xin et al, Plant J 2022;112):946-965, team Soukup/Tylová or team Petrášek, possible collaboration with the Fendrych laboratory).

The positions are funded by the EU-sponsored Johann Amos Comenius Program project TANGENC (TowArds Next GENeration Crops).

Required attachments of the application are:

  • Attachment 1: 2 letters of reference
  • Attachment 2: Brief (up to 3 pages incl. references) summary of the proposed research

The research proposal and other documents provided by the applicant will be evaluated by a committee including the concerned group leaders and top candidates will be invited to an in-person or online interview.

PhD in a relevant field obtained not earlier than in 2017 (elapsed time may be extended by time spent on parental leave or serious health reasons). The candidate should demonstrate relevant first or senior author publication history, scientific enthusiasm and deep contextual understanding of either plant cell biology (with focus on membrane trafficking, the cytoskeleton and cell polarity, especially during normal root development and in plant-microbe interactions) or in the study of genetic and physiological basis of root system topology development, including relevant signaling pathways.

The candidate should show familiarity with topics studied in the prospective host lab (see below), as well as the ability to formulate a brief proposal summarizing scientific intentions. Preliminary consultation with the respective group leaders is strongly encouraged.

Informal inquiries can be sent to: viktor.zarsky@natur.cuni.cz



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