IVA project would focus on occurrence of Late Quaternary volcanic ashes (tephra layers) in sedimentary lake records in order to explore the avenues how to effectively identify these important chronological markers. Tephrochronology is a crucial stratigraphic method for dating and synchronizing natural archives and paleoenvironmental data, including climatic events. As tephras have unique chemical properties, they can be assigned to a specific volcanic eruption. Moreover, there is potential to find out characteristic physical properties, e.g., magnetic signatures. This is because the molten volcanic material has large variation in precipitation of the magnetic minerals in tephras. A novel way of small tephra grains characterization is the use of magnetic susceptibility as well as frequency and field dependent magnetic susceptibility. The PhD candidate will study tephras in lake sediment cores retrieved from lakes and paleolakes situated in various regions of Czechia and Slovakia (Bohemian Forest, Třeboň Basin, Tatra Mts). An important part of the PhD project will be intensive cooperation with experts within an interdisciplinary team.

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