Project title: Development of REAP and Its Application in Synthesis of Ne-PAHs

PhD project supervisor: Martin Kotora, e-mail: 

Website of the research group: 

Research group name: Catalysis in Organic Synthesis

Leader of the research group: Martin Kotora, e-mail:

Department Organic Chemistry, Charles University

Project summary:
The main goal of the project proposal is to explore and develop new synthetic approaches (REAP –
ring expansion annulation process) for preparation of new classes of neutral and cationic N-embedded polyaromatic hydrocarbons (Ne-PAHs) with extended π-conjugated systems (azaaromatics). The approaches will result in syntheses of new and structurally defined substances that are not accessible by other methods. The project will also focus on development of enantioselective syntheses that will give rise to hitherto unknown chiral azapolyaromatics. Another synthetic target comprises transformation of azaaromatics in to aza(nano)graphenes by the means of either solution chemistry or on a metal surface transformations. Majority of synthetic procedures and process will rely on the use of established transition metal catalyzed reactions as well as on development of new and more efficient (specific) catalytic processes with focus on their enantioselective variants. The integral part of the project will be determination of physico-chemical properties of the obtained compounds and gaining insight into the structure-property relationship. Chirooptical properties of the prepared chiral compounds will be evaluated and their potential application as circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) emitters tested.

1. Kotora, M. et al.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 58, 17169. 2. Kotora, M. et al. ACS Catal. 2018, 10290. 3. Kotora, M. et al. Synthesis 2016, 48, 987.

Expected/required skills: A strong background in synthetic organic chemistry, catalysis, and willingness to cope and overcome hurdles posted by Nature

Salary: Will follow the departmental rules for employment of PhD students

Funding: 21-29124S (Czech Science Foundation)

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